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Meaning of Shradh is an important ritual as per the Hindu tradition. It is effective time to performed Puja for atma shanti of departed ancestors (paternal as well as maternal). It is an act of tribute and respect, devotion towards ancestors. Appeasing the dearly departed souls and offering them respect before God's presence helps enhance one's well-being. It is especially helpful in nullifying the effects of Pitr dosh.

As per the Garud Purana, Matsya Purana, Vishnu Purana, Vayu Purana and other sacred scriptures as Manu Smriti etc. During Shradh, Pitra Kriya is highly significant & that a person who does not execute the Shradh of his departed paternal and maternal near and dear ones has to bear much in life and even after. From Shradh puja souls feel gratified and they bless the person with wealth, children, knowledge, joys, and pleasures, with long and healthy life.

Remembering loved Ancestors on Shradh Days

Unfortunately, Shradh is an important death ceremony but is one of the most neglected Hindu rituals in the present day society due to lack of knowledge.

This puja is very powerful and effects on health and curing serious Success in Business or Career, Protection from Evils and Enemies.

Malefic effects of Jupiter are also considered due to pitra dosh. It is not a curse of ancestors. It appears in the horoscope of a person due to the previous bad karmas of his forefathers. In simple terms, he has to pay for those actions by going through the suffering that has been decided for those karmic deeds. This will continue until these karmic debts are cleared either by suffering or by the good deeds that have been done by the person who has the pitra dosha. It is just like a child inherits the assets and liabilities of his forefathers in this materialistic world, the results of past karmas are also passed on to the descedents. To relieve yourself of pitra dosha we should do Shradh/pitrapaksh puja on every Amavasya and also in the Shradh days in the month of Ashwin to get benefit to the greatest possible degree.

Shradh Or Pitru Paksha Puja is Remedy for malefic effects of jupiter Otherwise, the implications of Pitra Dosha will continue to reflect in the birth charts of ongoing generation. Further the persons going through the main and sub period of jupter ( Brahaspati mahadasha and antardasha) are suggested to conduct the Shradh puja so that quantum of suffering or debt is reduced.

Kaalsarp dosha is minimized and fruitful results are obtained by doing the Shradh puja by procuring the blessings of ancestors. Childless couples and persons facing hindrance in getting monetary benefits due to kaal sarp dosha etc. are benefitted when they perform this puja.

Shradh and Pitra dosha Puja and daan is very effective for achieving success in the following

  • To promote financial prosperity and stability
  • To obtain power/immovable property
  • To accelerate/smooth functioning of business
  • To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Jupiter
  • To obtain Siddhi
  • For overall materialistic and spiritual development
  • For excellent results and higher education of students
  • It helps in overcoming the Pitr rin
  • It brings good fortune
  • It ensures salvation to the departed souls
  • It helps in escaping various diseases and also ensures speedy recovery
  • This puja ensures great success in business
  • It safeguards you from all sort of evil and enemies
  • It is the best way to get blessed by the ancestors
  • 1. Your Name, Father's Name and Gotra
    2. The complete Name the person for whom you want to offer Puja
    3. Your relationship with him/her.
    4. Tithi/Date of Death
    5. Address/Mobile/Email etc
    6. Up-load the photo you shall be provided link through which you can see your puja live. For every person, a sankalp & puja will be conducted.

    The Puja rituals are performed by learned priests in strict accordance with Vedic rituals. It is to be noted that Shradh is not a funeral ceremony, but a Pitru Yajna or worship of departed souls to ensure peace and harmony in your life.