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Ajay Bhambi

Dharampal Sugandhi

Birth: 1964-06-23
Passing: 1964-06-23


Born on 01-01-1901, Call it coincidence or call it destiny. The story of DS Group began with the turn of the millennium in 1901, when the world celebrated the advent of a new era; the founding father of the company Lala Dharmpalji was born. His life changing journey started from the agrarian routes of Karnal, to the urban roads of old Delhi – Chandni Chowk. Dharampalji began to learn the unique characteristic of each itr – its genesis, its characteristics and its use. As the time passed, given his personality, behaviour and ability to learn, Dharampalji became increasingly versatile in managing the business. Beginning with a modest perfume shop in Chandni Chowk, in the heart of Delhi, Shri Dharampal Ji, added his personal touch in spreading fragrance to the nation. A self-starter and a visionary, he was farsighted to conceive the impossible.