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YADGAAR facilitates the busy world to know your ancestors and beloved-ones via YADGAAR.IN and suggest creative ways to pay humble tribute\ homage for their blessings.

YADGAAR is basically designed for promoting Ancient Indian Culture & Vedic Science among present generation to remember our ancestors and guide us to pay respect and homage to our beloved ones /ancestors

YADGAAR’s concept is designed and created by the team of professional religious gurus and renowned scholars having a spiritual & scientific vision in human life.

YADGAAR also as an ancillary service to the mankind via associated religious gurus and the combination of Remedial Astrology, Palmistry, and Numerology and shall guide to perform religious ceremonies for the blessings of our ancestors as well as for the betterment of our life.

We've worked diligently to create this new type of website for people share the lives & memories of their loved ones reflect your loved one's life and personality. Our goal to promote love and affection among generation we thought a lot about people's lives and how a person would like themselves to be remembered how he may remember and what people may know about their work he given to the society. Obviously, pictures and comments from friends and family can say a lot more about the person than a simple headstone can. And life itself can be complicated, we touched upon many sensitive issues such as privacy, religion, security, and how best to care for a legacy going forward. We hope we got it right.

Our mission is to create a lasting memorial to the departed using stories, photos, and videos from loved ones and friends. Thank you for allowing us to preserve the legacies of those you love for others to share...

Yadgaar Provide For Families and friends to celebrate the life of a lost loved one by writing life biography, sharing stories, leaving tributes, compiling photo, audio and video albums in their memory. Yadgaar site is truly collaborative. Everyone can share in treasured memories wherever they are in the world. Once the site for your loved one is setup - invite their dear friends and family to share fondest memories together. Try to clear generation gap and remain with old traditions

Our basic service is completely free and setup takes only a few minutes. You are requested to contribute financial according to you will and it is optional.

We are requesting you to contribute from your heart whatever suggestion for the improvement of this concept

Fact of life-

That we are all going to die at some point YADGAAR Tributes- May the peace that come from the memories of the loved ones who are no more shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead our thought are with you, YADGAAR as a messenger shall provide free obituary alerts via email notification for a specific name, town, and place.

Yadgaar.in is well designed keeping in view the sentiments and feelings for their ancestors and beloved ones and our old tradition to remove the generation gap to provide information, fact, to the young generation is basically designed for promoting Ancient Indian Culture & Vedic Science among present generation to remember our ancestors and guide us to pay respect and homage to our beloved ones /ancestors ration so that they may remain connected with the root.

PROFESSIONALY we provide best service with our associates who are expert in their field so that you may get best service feel good and satisfied and give respect to our old tradition and your faith in it remain like a rock .and get peace of mind

Pooja (Karam-Kand)- To perform Pooja Prayer Ardas through Pundit/fatherand religious Gurus on the death anniversary/birthday or any special days and festivals for beloved ones /ancestors at the holy places.

Know your Ancestors- Via internet website knows your ancestor's Punya tithi-their contribution to the family/society and life history. To circulate such information via email/post/telephone to their relative and friends.

Religious Ceremonies- Advise religious ceremonies in India to ancestor's relatives.

Personalised Webpage- Personalised internet web page designing\ space\ hosting web page.

Food & Donations- On the eve of death anniversary, distribute food and donations to the poor & saints at the holy places.

Tree Plantation- Pant trees in the memory of our beloved ones/ancestors in their name for remembrance.

Rooms/Dharamshaalas at Holy Places- Acquire rooms/Dharamshala in the memory of our beloved ones/ancestors affixing their name.

Deep Daan-To performs deep-daan at the holy place like Haridwar, more particularly, on the eve of Amavasya/Purnima/Ekadashi/Ganga Dussehra- Ganga Aarti.

Newspaper Remembrance- To pay tribute through newspaper media as the obituary

Charity- To organize charitable activities like distribution of free school books & dresses, school/ college fee to the poor children\students and run free medical dispensary for the poor in the name and memory of our beloved ones/ancestors. By organizing free health check-up camps and blood donation camps on the death anniversary of beloved ones /ancestors

Tour & Travels- Organize religious Tour & Travels\Boarding & Lodging for Indians/ NRIs desirous to visit holy places in India to pay homage to their beloved ones/ancestors.

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